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New site URL!! o8archive supremacy goodbye yumyumneko
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DIARY IS UP!! check out the first entry!!
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Added SCM. fixed chatbox floating in random places.
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hi welcome to o8archive!! i'm martyn i own this site i'm really really cool and you should definitely explore this place :o) just a warning this site is pretty bright and colorful so if that hurts your eyes then you should definitely turn down your brightness a lil bit anyway have fun looking around yayyayayayayyy

this site is NOT MOBILE-FRIENDLY and no i'm not going to fix it to be responsive so don't be sad because i don't care get a computer!! ok so basically updates are on the left and navigation is on the right if you haven't noticed already not all of the nav links are done yet (hato's homes and shrines) but some of them are.. i'm working on it ok.. :o(

my website 88x31 button!! bottom right corner!! add it if you're coooool and raaaaad!! like me!! i don't mind if you hotlink but i'd appreciate if you don't do that, just save the button and upload it to your own site it uses up my bandwidth and that's not very nice..!!

if you know me irl no you don't go away
I'm a F#@!&%ING WEBMASTER! this website is made by MARTYN!